served with side salad
El Poblano
Strips of poblano chile cooked with picadillo & potato or Strips of poblano chile cooked with sweet corn & chihuahua cheese.
El Sol
Potatoes cooked with bell peppers, onions, chihuahua cheese in chipotle sauce.
Las Fajitas
Sautéed bell peppers & onions with choice of chicken, black bean, or shrimp (additional beans or chicken $2, shrimp $3)
La Crepa Enchilada
Chicken in mole sauce or Chicken in green salsa topped with sour cream
La Hot Potato
Potatos cooked in jalapeno tomato salsa and topped with chihuahua cheese
La Hamburguesa
Two 4 oz. hamburger patties, ham, mayonnaise, sautéed jalepenos, and chihuahua cheese. Served with pickles and tomato.
La Pizza
Pizza sauce, mozzarella & chihuahua cheese, mushrooms, bell peppers and pepperoni or italian sausage.
La Geisha
Romaine lettuce, cheddar cheese, japanese mayonnaise, a hardboiled egg and chicken breast cooked in teriyaki sauce.
La Tuna
Homemade tuna patties drizzled with caesar chipotle dressing & served with pico de gallo.
Served with whipped cream & add ice cream for $1
La Gloria
Mexican caramel with pecans
La Pera
Pear sautéed in honey, mozzarella & brie cheese, topped with pecans
El Borracho
Chocolate and Bailey's cream liqueur
La Tortuga
Caramel, chocolate chips, and pecans
La Manazana
Granny smith apple sautéed in butter, sugar, & cinnamon topped with Canelita cooki
El Churro
Sugar, cinnamon, and butter
La Fresa
Strawberries with Nutella
El Platano
Bananas with Nutella
El Chango
Peanut butter, chocolate chips, and banana
Norteño Breakfast
Mexican cowboy beans with two eggs any style and toasted Mexican dinner roll
La Regia
Crepe filled with eggs and your choice of meat: Chorizo (spicy pork sausage), Jamon (ham), Dried Beef, Tocino (bacon/turkey bacon). Add cheese or veggies for $1.5
La Fruit Crepe
Crepes filled with our homemade fruit sauce and cream cheese or goat cheese with a side of two eggs & bacon
Waffle topped with fresh strawberries or bananas and syrup
Raspberry Vinaigrette
Grilled chicken breast with homemade raspberry vinaigrette dressing topped with sliced strawberries, apples, dried cranberries, and pecans. Choice of blue cheese or queso fresco.
Caesar Chipotle
Grilled lemon pepper chicken breast with homemade caesar chipotle dressing topped with parmesan cheese.
Avocado Jalapeño
Grilled lemon pepper chicken breast with homemade avocado jalepeno dressing topped with queso fresco.
El Elvis
Crepe filled with peanut butter, banana, and bacon (Just how The King made his!)
El Paletero
Deep fried ice cream wrapped in a crepe and rolled in cinnamon sugar then drizzled with caramel and chocolate syrup with a side of fresh strawberry and banana
Concha Ice Cream Sandwich
Concha filled with vanilla ice cream and topped with a choice of syrup (Chocolate, Nutella, or Caramel) and pecans
Fresh Squeezed Orange or Grapefruit juice
Abuelita Hot Chocolate
Abuelita on Ice
Iced Tea
Hot Tea
Agua de Jamaica
Agua de Tamarindo
Mineral Water
Side Salad
Avocado jalapeño or caesar chipotle dressing
Side of Avocado
Waffle Fries
Two Eggs
Side of Bacon (pork or turkey)
Side of Chicken
Side of Toasted Bolillo
Sweet Bread
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